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DEERY 220 is a hot applied, single component, elastically modified composition of asphalt cement, virgin
synthetic polymer, recycled rubber, and other modifiers. The sealant contains no solvent, is pre-reacted and conforms to the requirements of the specification designated herein and conforms to the requirements of many hot climate specifications. VOC=0g/l.

DEERY 220 is a moderately high viscosity pavement preservation sealant intended for highway, street and aviation applications for sealing longitudinal and transverse joints and random cracks in Asphalt or Concrete pavements where use of a firm material containing high levels of recycled material is desirable. Properly installed, DEERY 220 is an effective barrier against damage from debris and moisture infiltration into cracks and joints within regions experiencing high and moderate pavement temperatures.

Sealant shall be heated in a hot-oil jacketed melter capable of constant mechanical agitation and equipped with a calibrated thermometer to monitor sealant temperature. Material shall be heated to and maintained at Recommended Application Temperature during use. Material can be cooled and then reheated, but only if prolonged heating is avoided. Prolonged heating at or above Recommended Application Temperature may severely damage product. If overheating damage occurs, immediately drain machine completely and refill with new material.

DEERY 220 is pre-reacted and can be applied immediately after heating to Recommended Application
Temperature. With pavement temperature at 40°F (4°C) or higher, place material into clean, dry crack or prepared reservoir by means of a hand-held pour pot, wheeled push bander or wand applicator. Squeegee any excess sealant tight to pavement surface. Pavement may be warmed to 40°F (4°C) or higher with a Hot Air Lance.



When sampled and heated to maximum heating temperature in accordance with ASTM D5167


Cone Penetration @ 77°F (25°C)
Flow @ 140°F (60°C)
Resilience @ 77°F (25°C)
Asphalt Compatibility
Softening Point
Ductility @ 77°F (25°C)
Viscosity @ 400°F (204°C)
Recommended Application Temperature
Maximum Heating Temperature


ASTM D5329
ASTM D5329
ASTM D5329
ASTM D5329
ASTM D5167
ASTM D6690


30 dmm maximum
3.0 mm maximum
20% minimum
220°F (104°C) minimum
20 cm minimum
100 Poise maximum
380-400°F (193-204°C)*
400°F (204°C)

*Temperature of product measured at pavement surface. Use highest Recommended Application Temperature in cool weather.

*Prolonged heating at or above Recommended Application Temperature may severely damage product.



Material is packaged in cardboard boxes sized to accommodate a maximum of 40 lb (18.0 kg). Material contained in each box is wrapped in a quick melt liner which is dissolved and incorporated into the melted product. Standard packaging is 30 lb (13.6 kg) per box, palletized 75 boxes per pallet with an approximate net weight of 2,250 lb (1,021.0 kg). Pallets are moisture protected with a plastic wrapping and bound with a minimum of two layers of UV resistant stretch wrap.


Temperature fluctuations, site conditions, surface preparation, traffic, installation technique, material selection, shape factor and surface treatment compatibility influence the effectiveness and useful life of Pavement Preservation treatments. Consider and monitor each element for optimum results. Purchaser and end user should determine applicability for use in their specific conditions.


Manufacturer warrants that these products meet applicable ASTM, AASHTO, Federal or State specifications at time of shipment. Techniques used for the preparation of the cracks and joints prior to sealing or filling are beyond our control as are the use and application of the products; therefore, manufacturer shall not be responsible for improperly applied or misused products. Remedies against manufacturer, as agreed to by manufacturer, are limited to replacing nonconforming product or refund (full or partial) of purchase price from manufacturer. All claims for breach of this warranty must be made within three (3) months of the date of use or twelve (12) months from the date of delivery by manufacturer, whichever is earlier. There shall be no other warranties expressed or implied. For optimum performance, follow manufacturer recommendations for product installation.


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Product Description
MasterSeal MTR is a claystabilized mineral filled asphalt emulsion modified with Terminal Blended, Ground Whole Scrap Tire Rubber asphalt cement for superior performance.

MasterSeal MTR is designed to protect and beautify all asphalt pavements including parking lots, driveways, airports, shopping malls, roadways, highway shoulders, and walkways.

Black when dry.

Surface Preparation
New asphalt surfaces should be allowed to cure a minimum of 60 days under ideal weather conditions before application. Surface must be clean and free from all loose material, dirt and dust. For ease of application in hot weather, the surface may be fogged with water prior to sealing. Pavement surface repairs should be made with a suitable hot or cold asphalt mix. Cracks should be filled with hot or cold applied crack fillers. Treat all grease, oil and gasoline spots or stains with SealMaster Petro Seal or Prep Seal.

Mixing Procedures
For optimum results, mix MasterSeal MTR pavement sealer in accordance with the following mix design (based on 100 gallons for ease of calculation):

MasterSeal MTR100 gallons
Water 20-25 gallons
Aggregate 100-300 lbs.
(Sharp Shot or Silica Sand)

Mix materials to a uniform consistency.

Two coats of mixed material are recommended. Apply by squeegee, brush or spray. Apply second coat in cross direction to the first. Allow first coat of sealer to dry a minimum of 2 to 4 hours under ideal weather conditions (above 70oF, low humidity) before applying second coat. Allow longer drying time between coats when temperature is below 70oF.

Ambient and surface temperature must be at least 60oF and rising during application. Shaded areas will require additional drying time due to reduced ambient and surface temperatures.

50-75 square feet per gallon ( .12 – .18 gallons per square yard) of concentrate per coat, depending on pavement age, porosity, and method of application.

Clean Up
Wash tools in water. Use TarBuster if material has dried.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not take internally. If swallowed, call a physician immediately. In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes and call a physician. When not in use, keep containers tightly closed and upright to prevent leakage.



tireThe statements made on this technical bulletin are believed to be true and accurate, and are intended to provide a guide for approved construction practices. SealMaster® does not make, nor does it authorize any agent or representative to make any warranty, express or implied, concerning this material as workmanship, weather, construction, equipment utilized and other variables affecting results are all beyond our control. SealMaster® warrants only that the material conforms to product specifications and any liability to the buyer or user of this product is limited to the replacement value of the product only. In no event shall SealMaster® be liable for any injury, loss or damage, either direct or incidental, special or consequential, however arising, in connection with material or equipment furnished or work performed. SealMaster® shall not, in any manner, be liable for any defects, variations or change in condition in the substructure over which its products are installed.


MasterSeal MTR Concentrate – Standards & Product Test Data

Classification: Tire Rubber Modified Aspahlt Emulsion Sealcoat


Tire Rubber Content (Dried Film), %
Dried Film Color
Weight per Gallon
Residue by Evaporation, %
Non-Volatiles Soluble in Trichloroethylene, %
Cone Penetration
Accelerated Weathering Test
Wet Track Abrasion

Test Method

ASTM D 244
ASTM D 2939.08
ASTM D 217
ASTM G 154
ISSA (TB-100)


10% Min.
>10 lbs./gal.
PASS (1200+hrs)
<5 gm/sq.ft. LOSS

Masterseal mtr-plus meets or exceeds the following additional astm d 2939 test standards:

Material Uniformity Flexibility
Flash Point Wet Flow
Drying Time Resistance to Volitilization
Resistance to Heat Wet Film Continuity
Resistance to Water Resistance to Impact

Asphalt cement – standards & product test data:

Classification: Terminal Blended Ground Whole Scrap Tire Rubber Modified Asphalt Cement


Tire Rubber Content
Penetration 77o, 100g, 5 sec, dmm
Solubility %

Test Method

Terminal Certification
ASTM D 2042


10% Min.
15 min./ 35 Max.
98.5% Min.

*3 lbs. of aggregate per gallon added in manufacturing. Additional aggregate may be added on the job-site to the diluted concentrate to achieve the desired surface texture. Recommend #30 x #60 mesh aggregate (SharpShot or silica sand).

POLYMER-MODIFIED MASTERSEAL (PMM) is an environmentally friendly mineral filled asphalt emulsion pavement sealer blended with polymers and special surfactants for superior adhesion, flexibility, and durability. Polymer-Modified MasterSeal is a higher solids, faster drying pavement sealer designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavement. Polymer-Modified MasterSeal is formulated to be job-mixed with aggregate.

Polymer-Modified MasterSeal is ideal for all types of pavement surfaces including parking lots, shopping malls, airports, driveways, roadways and more.

One gallon of Polymer-Modified MasterSeal will cover approximately 85-95 square feet (9.4 to 10.5 square yards) per coat when properly mixed and applied.

Apply properly mixed PMM (PMM, water, additive and sand) and at a rate of 70-82 square feet (7.77 to 9.11 square yards) per gallon. Application rates may vary due to pavement porosity and method of application.


Surface must be clean and free from loose material and dirt. Cracks should be filled with SealMaster Cold Pour or Hot-Applied Crack Filler. Oil stains should be cleaned and primed with SealMaster Oil Spot Primer.

Properly mixed PMM shall be applied by mechanical squeegee/brush equipment or spray equipment capable of spraying coatings with sand. Equipment shall have continuous agitation or mixing capabilities to maintain homogenous consistency of mixed material throughout the application process. Truck mount or self-propelled squeegee/brush equipment shall have at least 2 squeegee or brush devices (one behind the other) to assure adequate distribution and penetration of mixed PMM into bituminous pavement. Hand squeegees and brushes and brushes shall be acceptable in areas where practicality prohibits the use of mechanized equipment.


For optimum performance and durability apply a minimum of two coats of properly mixed PMM. A third coat of mixed PMM may be applied to high traffic areas such as entrances, exits, and drive lanes for added durability. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying successive coats. Allow final coat of PMM to dry for 24 hours prior to opening to vehicle traffic.

Mixed PMM shall not be applied when temperature is expected to drop below 50°F during application and for a period of at least 24 hours after application.

Use SealMaster 100% Acrylic Traffic paint for line striping and traffic markings.

Both surface and ambient temperature shall be a minimum of 50°F and rising during PMM application. Do not apply if temperature is expected to drop below 50°F within a 24 hour period after PMM application.

PMM is available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and bulk tanker load quantities. PMM is supported by a national network of SealMaster manufacturing facilities along with a national network of qualified applicators.

The statements made on this technical data sheet are believed to be true and accurate and are intended to provide a guide for approved application practices. As workmanship, weather, construction, condition of pavement, tools utilized, and other variables affecting results are all beyond our control, the manufacturer warrants only that the material conforms to product specifications and any liability to the buyer or user of this product is limited to the replacement value of the product only. The manufacturer expressly disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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