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When an existing asphalt pavement has a sound foundation yet requires some rehab work on the uppermost layers, we can frequently supply outstanding outcomes with our professional asphalt mill and inlay techniques.

Milling includes grinding down into the upper layer of the existing asphalt in order to get rid of any fractures, ruts and flaws. We put a layer of inlay paving on top of the milled surface area, which fills any holes and levels it off. Lastly, we put an asphalt overlay on top to complete the process.

When it’s done by our extremely proficient group, milling and inlay techniques are an excellent method to get the most mileage from existing asphalt and concrete, by giving them a fresh brand-new asphalt surface area.

Benefits of mill and inlay approaches

One of the benefits of making use of mill and inlay approaches to fix up asphalt pavements is the fact that, if done effectively, it can be made use of to fix harmful surface area problems while still preserving the very same pavement height in general.

This is specifically vital when it’s considered necessary to keep existing curbs and shoulders the exact same height as before. In some cases, a paving project may be much costlier if too-thick layers of new pavement would affect curbs and shoulders along a roadway.

In these circumstances, mill and inlay strategies provide an ideal way to enjoy the benefits of a brand-new asphalt pavement while preventing the complications of needing to do unnecessary work on adjacent curbs and shoulders.


December 11th, 2017

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